Doing sales on cash or credit? No problem! Splendid Accounts can accommodate all types of sale transactions & compute any sale data you input.


Create & share quotations via email with customers or prospects in a minute to increase your sales.


Never miss your delivery dates anymore, it helps you to control your orders and deliveries easily.


Delivering the goods at the right time is a key factor in success of a business.


Creating a beautiful and professional-looking invoice is easy in Splendid Accounts.

Sales Return

Accepts customer sales return and keep your inventory and receivables updated.

Credit Notes

Create a credit note to cut down an amount from your customer outstanding balance.

Receive Money

Accepts cash, cheque, direct deposit & bank drafts from customers to settle the invoices.

Sales Tax Ready

Don’t worry about your sales tax calculations, our accounting software will do this for you.

Redefine The Way You Do Your Finances

The Interactive System Lets You Handle Sales & Expenses Like A PRO!